Sunday, 22 July 2012

Trip to Singapore :) by: Nur Amelia Hazmi

Hey, my name is Nur Amelia Hazmi and i'm one of the form 4 students.
Let me tell you my experience to Singapore for the first time with my schoolmates. On the 12th of July, there was a school trip to Singapore consists of 34 students and 6 teachers. We went there not just to have fun but to have a new experience in another country. We went there by bus. Before heading to singapore, we stopped by at one of the oldest school in malaysia which is English College. We visited their museum and found so many antiques stuff. When we arrived at singapore, we went sightseeing. Well, singapore is way different than malaysia. For me, singapore has a breathtaking scenery. Then, we ate at hajah maimunah's restaurant. Seriously, we ate a lot because we were starving and they served many types of delicious dishes that made our tummy want to eat every single dishes. Then, we checked in at a hostel which is footprints hostel. We thought that the hostel might be in a bad condition, but it turned up to be a comfortable place for us to stay for 3 days. At night, we walked to so-called shopping mall nearby which is mustapha. They sell many things at a low price that's why there were many people that day.

Day 2
Teacher azlina woke us up early in the morning so that we didn't overslept and be punctual. After we ate our breakfast, we headed to a school named Hillgrove Secondary School. Yeah, the school is three times bigger than our school. It's like university to us. The students there are very friendly and greeted us. Honestly, i wish that school is ours. They gave us a tour guide around the school. Then, we were divided into 4 groups. Each group would have to join classes there for one period. It was an amazing experience during my time there. After that, we went to science centre. At night, we went to orchard road where many branded shop are there. We felt like we were at new york. Haha.

Day 3
We were very excited because we went to universal studio. It was amazing. The rollercoasters are very entertaining. Unfortunately, we couldn't ride all of it because it was raining heavily. We screamed loudly and we had so much fun. At evening, we gathered up at the globe before heading back. Yes, it was a wonderful experience because we spent with our friends. I hope that one day we could go there again. Thank you for all the hardwork you did to make this trip went well.

Sorry, i didn't have photo to share because i didn't bring my camera there

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Faizatul Asyiqin bt Abdul Rahman

Ammar Muhammad Syahmi b Saharin

Hi..... I'm Ammar Muhammad Syahmi and this is my travelogue to Singapore 12th-14th July 2012......Enjoy!!!!

1st Day
   We take off from school on 7.30a.m. We arrive at a rest center on 9.00a.m. We were given time to go to the loo,eat,and others...My group bought a waffle biscuits.
     We are right now at Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar a.k.a ECJB(English College Johor Bahru).This school was one of the oldest school in Malaysia.The student that guide us there told us that the school is going to celebrate its 100th birthday in two years time.

These are the prizes and trofies they got from japanese students.......

 This is one of the old letters they have in collection

 This is a replica of their old school uniform.....

This chair is once used by Dato' Paduka Sharifah Mazlina during she is the head prefect

We were brought to their art gallery..We were given a little bit talk about career as an artist and others about arts. These are the products they created and awards they have won.

We were also given the opportunity to try colour the'batik'.Abg Aniq and Abg Sharel were the first to try......
My camera and my phone broke down right now so I can't take any pictures but my friend Najmi lend me his camera.That's a good news but right now the is with him and I cant't upload those photos.

2nd Day
   We were at Hillgrove Secondary School.We were welcomed with a warm welcome party from the student leaders.

Nur Nabilah bt Mohamad

Muhammad Nazmi b Shamsudin

Madihah bt Ab Razak